Jenny Buxton

She is 85 years old, but that doesn’t mean she can’t help others. There is no doubt that Jenny
Buxton is an inspiring example to many who have seen her come once a week for the last three and
a half years to volunteer at the Soup Kitchen.

For Jenny, it’s not a problem, as she likes to feel part of the group that comes to help, “all lovely
people,” she says.

Her relationship with the Soup Kitchen runs in the family, as her grandmother’s sister was a nun,
and she was lucky enough to work with Mother Suzanne Aubert, while Jenny’s mother was lucky
enough to know her.

Jenny says that she has always been looking to do social work in some way and that volunteering at
the Soup Kitchen would be a great way to do something for people.

Louise Goldsack

Louise is one of the volunteers in the garden and describes herself as a “passionate gardener in her
other life”, which is reason enough for Louise Goldsack to have spent the last 14 years helping
at the Soup Kitchen.
Every Tuesday and Thursday, Louise comes to the

veggie garden for two hours to enjoy what she
does, even if it’s raining or windy. She enjoys the
company and the group of volunteers who give
her the energy to go.

She likes the concept of community gardens in the city,
“a fantastic thing,” she says, although she only spends
time in Soup Kitchen’s veggie garden and the one she
has at home. “I love the idea of gardens in the city,”
says Louise.

Louise adds that in 14 years, the place has changed quite a bit, but it has improved, and now
they even have outdoor furniture built by the Soup Kitchen guests themselves.

Yvonne Fisher

Yvonne Fisher has been a volunteer for the past 18 months at Compassion Soup Kitchen dining
room, working every Wednesday.

She has known about the social work of the Sisters of Compassion since she was a child, as
Yvonne attended a school across the street from the Soup Kitchen and occasionally visited the
Home of Compassion during her childhood. Then, she decided it was time to get involved and help
the Soup Kitchen.

Today, for three hours, she helps chop vegetables and prepare dishes in the kitchen,
which she considers an important task as it helps those who need it most.

Liz Gibson

For Liz Gibson, coming to the garden is fun, as there is good company and lots of laughter. That
has been one of the reasons she has been volunteering for four years at the Soup Kitchen,
where she attends two days a week.
Liz enjoys helping Sister Telesia, who consistently
develops the veggie garden. “I feel like I give back
to the community and the Soup Kitchen with the
vegetables,” Liz says.

She also likes seeing the guests in the garden and
making them feel welcome, especially in the
summer, when they sometimes have barbecues,
creating a great atmosphere in a great place like
the veggie garden.