The Soup Kitchen is part of a wider community and we are privileged to be in a position to enable others to share their gifts, skills and talents. The Kitchen seeks to honour the kaupapa of its founder, Suzanne Aubert, a woman who lived a life of compassion. She moved comfortably amongst Maori and Pakeha, and amongst all echelons of society. She saw the person within, and valued everyone. She partnered with others in the community, providing opportunity for people to share their gifts and enabling them to express their compassion.

As well as welcoming compassionate action, we seek to build on it by contributing to discussion and thinking on issues that affect our community and Soup Kitchen guests in particular. We are keen to provide people with the opportunity to experience the mission of the Soup Kitchen in more depth.

We work with groups from schools and other groups in a variety of ways. A group may come in to discuss issues that impact guests, learn about Suzanne Aubert or contribute to our mahi with some service. Soup Kitchen staff members also visit organisations to talk about our work with people on the margins in the Wellington community.

We can all address the issues of homelessness, mental health & physical health, and trying to budget on a benefit, by being informed, and actively advocating for change.

If you or your organisation would like to talk to us about our work, arranging a visit or a speaker, please get in touch with us!