As we approach the commemoration of Meri Hōhepa Suzanne Aubert’s birth, I find myself reflecting on her utter dependence on God, each step of the way.

Meri Hōhepa Suzanne Aubert was born into a loving and reasonably well-off family, but she was no stranger to hardship. The hardships that she endured when she was growing up in France and the suffering that she witnessed were the foundation from which her strong desire to help others grew.

At the tender age of two an accident left Suzanne temporarily disabled and blind. This experience, coupled with the premature loss of her disabled brother Louis, instilled in her a profound empathy for those rebuffed by society and facing hardship from a very young age.

Since her birth in France 188 years ago, the world has undergone significant technological and global advancements. I think Suzanne Aubert would struggle to recognise the world today with our cell phones, laptops and Wi-Fi! However, while much has changed and improved, sadly many of the struggles faced by individuals in our society remain.

Today vulnerable people are in need more than ever. The Compassion Soup Kitchen is serving more people every month, Compassion Housing is in high demand and refugees continue to need support as they find solace in New Zealand after fleeing their troubled homelands.

From its inception, the Sisters of Compassion have relied on the invaluable support of the community. Meri Hōhepa Suzanne Aubert recognised the vital role played by supporters who contributed through time, prayer, or financial support. She noted that supporters “give something of themselves” in helping others.

This sentiment resonates powerfully today as we acknowledge the diverse and dedicated supporters who continue the legacy of compassion. Whether it may be volunteers at the Compassion Soup Kitchen or Our Lady’s Home of Compassion, individuals crafting scarves and hats for newly arrived refugees, or generous donors providing financial support, each contribution is absolutely essential to our mission.

Without the kindness of supporters like you, our existence and the continuation of our work would be uncertain. Your donations not only signify an understanding of the pressing needs but also reflect a shared conviction that the work must continue. The question echoes in our minds: If not us, then who? If not now, then when?

Meri Hōhepa Suzanne Aubert possessed the remarkable ability not only to identify those in need but also to rally the community in their support. Today, we continue her legacy by understanding that when we work together with empathy and dedication, we can have a huge impact in the lives of people in need.

Please consider making a donation today to not only commemorate Meri Hōhepa Suzanne Aubert’s birth and her amazing legacy, but to also continue the vital work she started in our community that is still so important today.

Thank you for your continued caring, prayers and your support.

Best wishes,

Sr Margaret Anne Mills
Congregational Leader

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