We are all responsible for building a community that is aware, alive and compassionate. You can advocate for our Soup Kitchen community by doing the following

  • Challenge stereotypes that you see in the media, hear from friends or family, and observe inside yourself
  • Participate in fora, like making Wellington City Council and central government submissions
  • Encourage your children to engage in the issues we see. Talk about homelessness, food insecurity, addiction and mental illness. Need a hand? Have a look at our Resources
  • Accept and acknowledge difference
  • Read critically – look for underlying assumptions
  • Get involved in your community’s activities
  • Support local agencies
  • Volunteer or check out Volunteer Wellington

We really appreciate it when you speak up for positive change in our community. The way we all act and behave impacts on people’s ability to participate in society. We can all contribute to positive change – speak in solidarity with our community.