Anyone can come in for a meal in the Soup Kitchen. We do not ask people why they come – we provide a friendly welcome to all.

In the mornings, we serve hot soup, toasted bread, fruit, tea & coffee- a warm, filling meal to start the day.

Evening meals are anything you might eat at home. We regularly serve roast meat and vegetables, casseroles, pasta, pork, fish, curry and meatballs. For a sweet treat, we serve dessert three times a week.

Our kitchen is staffed by professional chefs and we are proud of the quality of the food produced. We are careful to provide nutritious as well as attractive meals. We’re conscious that many people are dependent on the Soup Kitchen for their most of their food and so ask Regional Public Health to assess our meals annually to ensure optimum nutrition is provided across all food groups.

Volunteers serve breakfast and the evening meal, and local businesses and community members donate much of our food.

If you’re coming to the Soup Kitchen for the first time, please feel free to have a chat with our staff at the door.

Soup Kitchen Guest FAQ

Who can come to the Soup Kitchen?

Anyone can come. We welcome all who’d like to come for a meal.

Do I need to pay?

Breakfast at the Soup Kitchen is free, however, we ask for a koha if it is possible.

How many times can I come each week?

We’re open for breakfast and dinner Monday – Saturday. You can come as often or as infrequently as you like.

Can my whole family come?

Yes, we do welcome families at the Soup Kitchen. We suggest you come a little later in the evening, say 5.15 pm, so that you can all sit together at the same table.

Can I have seconds?

We do not serve seconds at the Soup Kitchen. It’s important to us to ensure that all people who come get an equitable amount of food.

Can I take food home?

Yes, we offer food to take away, but we encourage and invite you to sit down and enjoy your meal in the dining room. We also offer tea, coffee, fresh bread, and fruit during the meal service.

Do you have food parcels?

No, we don’t provide food parcels. If you do need a food parcel, you can contact Downtown Community Ministry, the Salvation Army Hope Centre in Newtown, St Vincent De Paul, or the Wellington City Mission. Our staff can also help you get in touch with these organisations.

Where does the food come from?

Most of our food is from Food Rescue organisations, such as Kaibosh and Kiwi Community Assistance! Other food comes from generous donations from businesses and people in our community.

What other services do you have?

An emergency clothing room, which is located near reception and is available Monday to Friday between 9am and 3pm.

If guests require clothing outside these hours, this would be at the discretion of staff.

Although there is no cost for the donated clothing that is provided to our guests, we do have a koha box available if guests are in a position to donate.