Simplicity – He ngāwaritanga

The Soup Kitchen embraces an open, honest and simple manner in the way we interact with one another, our guests, our volunteers, our supporters, our colleagues and all with whom we come into contact. We endeavour to operate in a straightforward and uncomplicated manner based on respect and trust and listening with open hearts.

“Let us be graciously simple in all our relations with the world.”

Partnership – Te kotahitanga

Suzanne Aubert was ever mindful that working together was key: “If we work together we can succeed.”

The Soup Kitchen recognises that furthering its mission is dependent on partnership – with the Sisters of Compassion, our staff, our volunteers, our guests, our supporters, our colleagues in the sector and the wider community. We seek to develop and nurture these partnerships, working together, helping one another, valuing and learning from one another and sharing responsibility.

Justice – He tika o ngā tangata ki ngā tangata

We have a responsibility to seek justice and to advocate for a fair and equitable society where the rights of all are recognised. We recognise that guests may be marginalised by social and economic systems and structures, and that we have a responsibility to highlight these and advocate for change.

“The just man is he who practices justice in giving what he owes to God, to his neighbour, and to himself.”

Divine Providence – He manaakitanga atua tapu

The Soup Kitchen has always been blessed by the sharing of the gifts of others and for this we are thankful. In the bounty that others share whether as volunteers or supporters we see the hand of God. We have a responsibility of stewardship – we value highly our staff, our volunteers and the resources entrusted to us and we manage these responsibly. We trust that the world unfolds as it should, we embrace whatever the day brings and we trust in God.

“In everything whether temporal or spiritual let us do our part and let God do his, and let us remain in peace.”

Action with the poor – Ngā āwhina ki ngā rawakore

We stand with those who are most disadvantaged and we have a responsibility to act to address the causes of poverty.

“Let us always be ready to share the pains, the cares, the sorrows of others.”

Quotes from Suzanne Aubert, the Soup Kitchen’s founder