To touch all of life with the compassion of God

The concept of ‘all of life’ refers to people and also extends to include all living things. We endeavour to be mindful of the compassion of God in our own lives, and to touch the lives of the people with whom we come into contact with this compassion. In the context of the wider living world we are conscious of our responsibilities and the impact of our actions on the earth’s resources, so for example we seek to minimise waste and enable others to share their surplus, whether of food, clothes or other resources. People of many different ethnicities and cultural and religious backgrounds work and volunteer at the Centre, or use the Centre’s services.


To support people in need to live with dignity in the community

We seek to provide support to people in need, which includes those who are marginalised through such things as mental health issues, addictions, homelessness and poverty. We also seek to provide support to people in need because of social isolation, limited social skills, limited education, and in times of crisis.

We seek to provide services in a way that is respectful and honours the dignity of the individual and encourages growth and development.

We seek to build community, celebrate the Soup Kitchen community and promote access to services, participation in the wider community and engagement in meaningful and productive activities.