Thank you for supporting the Compassion Soup Kitchen!

Payroll giving

Payroll giving is a very easy way for you to help the Soup Kitchen. Your donation is deducted directly from your wages, and the tax refund you receive for making a charitable donation is instant (the refund rate is 33.33 cents in each dollar). Ask your employer if they offer payroll giving, and if they would like to add the Suzanne Aubert Compassion Centre to the payroll charities you can support.

How it works
If you choose to donate $9 per week to the Compassion Soup Kitchen, you’ll get an instant tax refund of $3 – so only $6 comes off your payslip. The $3 tax refund is added to your donation to bring the total up to $9.

Information to help your employer set up your payroll giving:
Name: Sisters of Compassion – Soup Kitchen Appeal
Address: PO Box 1474, Wellington 6140
Phone: 04 383 7769
Charity number: CC10312
Bank account number: BNZ 02-1269-0046022-02
IRD number: 012-361-365

This is what your donation provides:

  • $25 – Contribution towards guest activities
  • $50 – Breakfast for 40 people
  • $150 – One night’s dinner for guests of the Soup Kitchen
  • $200 – Breakfast and dinner for one day
  • $600 – Breakfast for a fortnight
  • $1200 – Food for the Soup Kitchen for one week
  • $5000 – Food for the Soup Kitchen for one month

We rely on the generosity and goodwill of our community to keep the Compassion Soup Kitchen open day-to-day. Your donation will go towards supporting our manuhiri with their needs, paying our kaimahi wages to enable our operation, providing meals and kitchen equipment, or helping fund our education programmes for our rangitahi, and special guest projects.

Making a donation is a great way you can support us. We welcome any donation – every dollar helps – and we provide tax receipts.

For a special donation, a donation on someones behalf, a gift to someone else, or a lovely way to commemorate a loved ones memory, sponsor a meal at the Compassion Soup Kitchen.