It was a great morning. At 7:20 am on that Tuesday, April 26th, the first guests gathered
outside the Compassion Soup Kitchen to wait and enjoy breakfast in the dining room, which
was reopening its doors after eight months.

Inside, our fantastic staff and volunteers were preparing everything for our whānau, who
started to enter and receive their breakfast around 7:45 am.

Opening the dining room again was a great joy. It was long months and a big challenge for
the Soup Kitchen, who despite the Covid-19 restrictions, never stopped the work and
continued to deliver food, albeit in the form of takeaway. Despite the difficulties, our whānau
arrived every day to collect their meal.

This is why we celebrate the opening of the dining room as an opportunity to meet and share
again and to be able to help in a wider way all those who need it the most.

And so we will continue, from Monday to Saturday, offering breakfast service between 7.45
am and 8.45 am, and dinner between 4.45 pm and 5.45 pm.

Thanks to our wonderful staff and volunteers who worked hard to get everything ready and
those who are supporting us to provide for those who need it most at the Soup Kitchen.