The last few months have seen a more relaxed
and happy vibe return to the dining room after
the disruption and anxiety caused by Covid. We
have seen the demand steadily increase over
the past few months and through our takeaway
service are able to offer meals to those in need
who are uncomfortable with dining in.

Climate change, specifically the knock-on
effects of Cyclone Gabrielle, has seen a big drop
in food donations. This has led us into
researching ways we can strengthen our food
supply chain and we are excited about the
opportunities available to us in the food
security space.

All the challenges we face highlight the
importance of the support we receive day to
day from our volunteers, food rescue partners
donors and funders, so we can continue to do
the mahi which Meri Hōhepa Suzanne Aubert
started 122 years ago.

We’ve had some very generous donations from
hard-working volunteers which has enabled us
to replace our ageing dishwasher as well as
upgrade our hot water system in recent

Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers,
donors, and sponsors who help us as we work to
support Wellington’s most vulnerable.|

Ngā mihi nui,

Sam Johnson
Kitchen Manager