Joe Greco has been volunteering at the Compassion Soup Kitchen since 1974. For 45 years, Joe has been serving meals and assisting in the kitchen on Saturday evenings, doing any task that is required to ensure a healthy meal is served to the people in our community who need it.

Joe is an avid supporter of the Home of Compassion. He spent many years working with the Sisters within his role as a butcher in Island Bay. Joe is calm and friendly and has lots of experience in working with the most vulnerable people in our community. He does this in a kind and respectful manner which helps our whānau live with dignity in the community. Joe is a reliable, constant volunteer who has always supported the kitchen and the mission of Compassion. contributing heavily to the friendly, positive atmosphere in the dining room. When Joe is asked what keeps him volunteering after all these years his reply is, “in giving, we receive”. Joe is a really special person and deserves acknowledgement for the many years of work he has done for an organisation that he believes in.

Through Joe’s volunteering, Compassion has received many benefits. Joe is an amazing role model to younger or new volunteers. He is supportive and assists with many other roles as well, such as helping to provide food for events. All in all, we are so lucky to have Joe as a supporter and volunteer and very grateful for his 45 years of service to the Compassion mission.

Joe recently won the Ministry of Health Long Service Award for Volunteering.