We want you to:

Learn about the challenges our community faces, think about your role in society and how you can help others and act to make Wellington a safe city where people feel included and connected with each other.

Our challenge:

We’re asking you to run an event any time of the year. You could get together with friends or classmates to make soup and sell it, organise a cake stall, a sausage sizzle, hold a baking competition to raise money to support the Compassion Soup Kitchen’s work, or maybe a food drive is more your thing?  You could even volunteer to collect for the Soup Kitchen’s annual street appeal.

If you have another way you’d like to get involved that we haven’t mentioned, get in contact still.  We’d love to help you make it happen!

We will help you by:

Providing some information about Suzanne Aubert and how she cared for people, the work of the Compassion Soup Kitchen and the experience of homelessness and hunger in Wellington.

Giving you resources, including posters to print off to promote your event and Soup Kitchen stickers, plus bibs and buckets if you join our street collection.

Contact communications@compassion.org.nz to let us know what you are doing and help organise your event’s resources.