Vulnerable people are often socially isolated and disconnected from their community. Many of our guests also comment that boredom is an issue – some find it hard to fill the days with interesting and meaningful activities.

The Soup Hub

We operate a computer hub at the Soup Kitchen – the Soup Hub – which provides free access to computers, the internet and opportunities for IT training. Most of us take being able to access computers for granted, and see it as a basic human right.

The Hub is supported by a committed group of community volunteers. These volunteers assist guests in creating email addresses, writing CVs and Cover Letters and searching for jobs. A printer is also available for guests.

The Soup Hub is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week 12.30pm – 4.00pm.

We also run one-off projects such as:

  • A three day digital storytelling workshop, in which a number of guests learned computer skills and put together a personal story.
  • Special celebrations, such as Matariki which we hold off-site. Soup Kitchen guests take a lead in planning and sharing these celebrations.
  • Presentations by outside parties on health, current affairs and general interest topics.

If you have an idea for a project or programme, or a skill to share in this area, we’d be delighted to discuss it with you. Please contact us!