He Rākau Koikoi – Purposeful Activity Project

E tipu e rea mō ngā rā o tō ao
Ko tō ringa ki ngā rākau a te Pākehā
Hei ora mō te tinana
Ko tō ngākau ki ngā tāonga a ō tïpuna Māori
Hei tikitiki mō tō māhuna Ko tō wairua ki tō atua, Nānā nei ngā mea katoa

– Tā Apirana Ngata

 Grow and branch forth for the days destined to you
Your hands to the tools of the Pākehā for the welfare of your body
Your heart to the treasures of your ancestors as adornments for your brow
Your spirit to God, who made all things

Without a sense of purpose or a sense of belonging, it is hard to call somewhere home.

Many of the guests at Te Pūaroha Soup Kitchen do not have direction in life or the people around them to feel that they have a place in our community. He Rākau Koikoi is Te Pūaroha Soup Kitchen’s ambition to share a place to stand with our guests: to build a community of purpose and people that will nourish whānau to grow and find their place to call home.

Central to the vision of He Rākau Koikoi is the urban garden that is being developed at Te Pūaroha Soup Kitchen. This will be designed and built with our guests over the summer months of 2017/18. This will be a place where we all work together to create an oasis away from the streets of Wellington and to grow kai that we can all share.

Around the garden a programme of activities will offer opportunity for whānau to learn new skills, practice old skills, have fun and enjoy being with other people. Through art and cultural sessions, outdoor activities, healthy living sessions, volunteering, training and education, whānau will improve their wellbeing and be able to look with hope to the future.

As part of ensuring we are accountable and our service meets our whānau’s wants, needs and aspirations, we have undertaken a comprehensive consultation that will guide our next steps. This report details what we have learnt. Community Consultation – Proposed Urban Garden

He Rākau Koikoi does not stand alone and we invite others to join us. If you are interested in helping out or want more information, contact Natasha Rerekura by emailing communityworker@compassion.org.nz or call (04) 385 9299.

The Soup Hub

We operate a computer hub at the Soup Kitchen – the Soup Hub – which provides free access to computers, the internet and opportunities for IT training. Most of us take being able to access computers for granted, and see it as a basic human right.

The Hub is supported by a committed group of community volunteers. These volunteers assist guests in creating email addresses, writing CVs and Cover Letters and searching for jobs. A printer is also available for guests.

The Soup Hub is open Monday 12.30pm – 3.00pm.

If you have an idea for a project or programme, or a skill to share in this area, we’d be delighted to discuss it with you. Please contact us!